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A great place to enjoy some fresh air and explore a variety of walking trails

Come and escape in Mortimer Forest! Straddling the Shropshire and Herefordshire border this thousand hectare forest is a perfect place for some breathing space.
Although originally made up of ancient royal chases and deer parks, the forest we see today was largely planted by the Forestry Commission in the 1920s. It was named after the Mortimer Family, Norman Lords who held power over the region for some 300 years.

There are three car parks around the edge of the forest offering you a different experience each time you visit.

The forest is rich in wildlife. Spectacular birds of prey can be found here and small birds such as nuthatches and warblers are often seen. Open spaces within the forest provide warm spots for butterflies, the Wood White being an important species and open places for reptiles to bask in the sun. Keep an eye out for the unique longhaired fallow deer which lives in the forest. The wildlife which you can’t see is just as important. Dead wood provides homes for insects and fungi that feed the forest by breaking down nutrients.

Walking trails at Mortimer Forest:

  • The Whitcliffe Loop starting from the Whitcliffe Car Park lets you explore the Lower Evens part of the Forest and views along Mary Knoll Valley.
  • Vinnalls Car Park is the starting point for the Vinnalls Loop which take you to the top of High Vinnalls. The nine mile Climbing Jack Trail and the surfaced Easy Access Loop.
  • Black Pool Car Park is the starting point for the Black Pool Loop which takes you through the Haye Park area of the woods.